Det blir egna jullåtar, klassiska julhits och innerlig värme på Doug Seegers turné ”Give it away Christmas tour 2018”. Förra årets julturné blev en succé med fyllda hus runt om i Sverige. Även i år gör Doug konserterna till förmån för barn i Uganda som har gatan som sitt hem. Doug Seegers, som är ambassadör…

New album coming up: Walking On the Edge of the World

Finally, Doug Seegers has a brand new album coming up. ”Walking On the Edge of The World” was recorded in Nashville in January and will be released in Scandinavia late May. Check this web page for information on release dates outside Scandinavia.  

Doug Seegers rocked the Southern Fried Festival

Written by Paul Kerr for Blabber ‘n’ Smoke

Doug Seegers has a back story you couldn’t make up. A New Yorker who drifted to Nashville when hard times hit he was homeless for a while, recorded some songs one of which went viral in Sweden. This led to a recording contract and an opportunity to have Emmylou Harris appear on his debut album which has been universally praised. His appearance tonight was his UK debut and one that exploded any notions one might have had that he’d provide the soulful country groove that permeates the album, Going Down To The River. Tall, rangy, cowboy shirt and hat on, Seegers turned in a fierce honky tonk shock peppered with some Western swing backed by drummer Simon Wilhelmsson, bassist Scott Esbeck and flamboyant fiddler Barbara Lamb. Back in his homeless busking days Seegers was sometimes known as Duke the Drifter and tonight it wasn’t a huge leap to imagine him as a present day version of Luke The Drifter, a nom de plume of Hank Williams back in the days. Stretching it a bit perhaps but Seegers sang and rocked as if his life depended on it throwing in Luke like thanks to the Lord for his current good luck. He opened with Angie’s Song, the opening song from his album with its laid back seventies folk rock feel but pretty soon he was into the ball busting blues of Hard Working Man and a much tougher version of Going Down To The River than that on the album. There was gospel on Will You Ever Take The Hand Of Jesus, world weary loss on The Edge Of The World and some actual Hank on a cover of There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight. There was humour and bathos on Pour Me which was preceded by a fine tale of a cheating wife while Precious Wedding Vow should become mandatory at each proposal. Barbara Lamb on fiddle was a joy to behold, carrying all solos with a zest she added spark to Seegers’ fire on what was, for Blabber’n’Smoke, the gig of the festival…. CONTINUE READING


Doug Seegers Went from Homeless to Country Star in Less Than a Year

Written by Matt Alpert for Wide Open Country

The 63-year-old singer-songwriter moved to Nashville 17 years ago to pursue a career in music. But things went south, and he found himself living out on the streets, fighting the demons of alcohol and drug addiction. All the while, he was writing songs about his life and experiences. Seeger’s talents were obvious to those around him, and… CONTINUE READING

From Homeless to Music Stardom: Doug Seegers on His ‘Roller Coaster’ Life

Written by Jeff Nelson for People Magazine

Eighteen months ago, Doug Seegers was living under a bridge in Nashville. Recently laid off from a job, he found himself homeless once again, as he had been on and off throughout his life. A singer-songwriter who’d moved to the country capital to chase his music dreams, Seegers, 62, often spent his days playing his songs on the streets. In September 2013, shortly after he sobered up, he says, he got… CONTINUE READING

Getting To Know Doug Seegers

Written by Mark Wiggins for Six Shooter Country 

The story behind Doug Seegers path to success is inspirational, unbelievable, motivating and many many more words that we just don’t have space for. When he was discovered he was homeless and busking around Nashville. Swedish country star Jill Johnson had come to town to record her TV show ‘Jills Veranda’ and was recommended Doug as ‘one of the best voices in country’ – as she and her producer heard him perform his song Going Down To The River they knew they had to sign him. Since then he has released an album of the same name and had great success in Scandanavia which is now spreading to the USA and more. Doug recently stopped off in England and… CONTINUE READING

Doug Seegers’ Streets of Dreams Revisited: Interview

By Steve Wosahl, For The Country Record 

On the day he sat in London to talk about the UK release of his album “Going Down To The River,” Doug Seegers might have been thinking about the twists and turns that brought him here. Just over a year ago, Seegers was homeless, struggling and playing on the streets of Nashville. Then he was discovered by Swedish filmmaker Jill Johnson and released a song from a resulting documentary that became a best-selling record in Sweden. “Going Down To The River,” the album that followed, led to sixty sold-out shows in Sweden and a U.S. debut. Seegers opened the Americana Music Awards at the Ryman last fall, ironically just a short distance from CONTINUE READING

How Doug Seegers went from the Nashville Rescue Mission to headlining next door at City Winery — in less than a year

Written by Jim Ridley for the Nashville Scene

On one side of a high wooden fence on Lafayette Street sits the Nashville Rescue Mission, temporary shelter to hundreds of homeless men, women and children. On the other is City Winery Nashville, the sleek, expansive new wine-bar-cum-listening-room. It’s an upscale club where patrons enjoy top-dollar entertainment with drinks, dinner and niceties like valet parking. The distance between the mission and City Winery is perhaps 200 feet. It took Doug Seegers about 10 months to go from one to the other… CONTINUE READING

Scott Miller and Doug Seegers at Gypsy Sally’s

Written by Bill Rutsch for No Depression

By now, most of you have read the story of Doug Seegers’s long stretch as a homeless street musician to his rediscovery and recent celebrity. In this recent show at Gypsy Sally’s, he described the incident of being filmed by a Swedish film crew, visiting Nashville, making a recording him singing ”Going Down to the River”. The resulting publicity landed him a #1 single in Sweden and new-found notariety in the states… CONTINUE READING

Nashville year in music: Who made waves, shook it off?

Written by Dave Paulson and Cindy Watts for The Tennessean

It’s that time of year again — the end, to be more specific. The time when we here at The Tennessean look back at the year in Nashville-made music, and which locally connected artists made the biggest splash over the last 12 months. As usual, we’re struck by the breadth of sounds they made, from country and modern rock, Americana and… CONTINUE READING